WCfM Marketplace 仿淘宝易贝交易市场插件


wcfm 应用商店是您一直在等待的一站式多供应商插件。它已经得到了一切从我们自己与 woocommerce 前沿经理加上更多!具有强大和定制的功能, 如灵活的佣金, 退款申请, 取款和反向退出, 单一产品多供应商, 分类帐书, 地区和国家明智的供应商航运, 商店查询和审查和条纹拆分支付。wcfm 市场将把您的电子商务网站带到另一个层次。

体验高级模块, 如商店发票, 支持机票, 货物跟踪, 产品进口商和批量股票经理, 以及 woocommerce 预订, woocommerce 租赁和预订系统, woocommerce 订阅和 wp 工作经理集成使用 wcfm–终极, 这将使您的供应商的业务更容易。在我们团队的稳定支持下, 创建和管理您的电子商务网站, 轻松与所有新的 wcfm 市场!


WCfM Marketplace is the one-stop multi-vendor plugin that you’ve been waiting for. It has got everything from our own with WooCommerce Frontend Manager plus a lot more! With powerful and customized features like Flexible CommissionRefund RequestWithdrawal & Reverse WithdrawalSingle Product Multi-vendorLedger BookZone & Country Wise Vendor ShippingStore Inquiry & Review and Stripe Split Pay. WCfM Marketplace will take your e-commerce site to another level.

Experience Advanced modules like Store InvoiceSupport TicketShipment TrackingProduct Importer & Bulk Stock Manager along with WooCommerce BookingsWooCommerce AppointmentsWooCommerce Rental & Bookings SystemWooCommerce Subscriptions and WP Job Manager integration using WCFM – Ultimate that will make business for your vendors easier. With steady support from our team, create and manage your e-commerce website hassle-free with the all new WCfM Marketplace!

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